Mom’s Split Pea Soup

Mom’s Split Pea Soup #recipes #slowcooker #dinner

Mom's split Pea soup pugtato easy dinner recipes

It’s s-n-o-w-ing. Again.  Winter seems to want to stick around forever this  year. This means my slow cooker is earning its keep.  We’ve made more slow cooker meals this year than ever before.

Today’s recipe is my Mom’s Split Pea Soup.  Here’s what I like about it: 1) It’s delicious. 2) You can have dinner prepped and into the crockpot in under ten minutes. 3) It feeds you for more than one meal.…

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How hard could cooking 52 recipes in 52 weeks be?

52 recipes in 52 weeks PUGTATO

Turns out pretty hard. Those of you who have been with PUGTATO from the beginning know that I set a goal to cook 52 recipes in 52 weeks as part of a creative challenge to myself.

Here I am, a year and half later, and finally, FINALLY, I am half way through this challenge.  It would be so easy right now to just give up and be done with it all. But that defeats the purpose! 52 recipes in 52 weeks…

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Reese’s Trifle

Reese’s Trifle #dessert #recipes #chocolate

Reese's Trifle dessert PUGTATO

I like to post PUGTATO teasers to Facebook to see what types of recipes people are most interested in.  Today’s recipe received a bump in the queue due to an overwhelming demand from my friends.  Thanks for all the feedback, lovely friends!

Reese's Trifle Dessert PUGTATO

There are never too many Reese’s in one’s life.

The Reese’s Trifle.  I had been staring at this recipe on Pinterest for probably two years, and had yet to…

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But you’re too young to have cancer…right?

But you’re too young to have cancer…right? #melanoma #cancer #hcsm @Tipsy_Skipper

But you're too young to have cancer Melanoma pugtato

Famous last words. Today I want to share with you the story of my college roommate’s sister.

Kearsley Lloyd has everything that any young woman would want.  By the age of twenty-six she had launched her own successful business, The Tipsy Skipper, and was doing what she loved: designing gorgeous fashion inspired by a sea loving, New England lifestyle.

Kearsley was also diagnosed with Melanoma.…

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Ginger Beef, Mushroom & Kale stir-fry by Gimme Some Oven

Ginger Beef, Mushroom & Kale stir-fry by Gimme Some Oven #recipes #kale #dinner

Ginger Beef, Mushroom & Kale Stir-Fry by Gimme Some Oven

We at PUGTATO HQ are big kale fans. We pretty much will find any excuse to add it to a recipe and last week my husband and I each individually showed up at home with unnecessary amounts of this magic green because, “It looked so good in the store.” As such, we needed a few kale recipes this week. I got to Pinterest-ing for kale recipes and came across a Ginger Beef, Mushroom and Kale stir-fry…

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Breast Care for Washington: Hitting a Milestone


I am truly pleased to share with you all today that Breast Carefor Washington has entered into a partnership with Community of Hope at their new facility in Southwest DC.

Existing as the sole provider of 3-D mammograms East of the Anacostia River, we plan to begin offering services in May 2014.

Below is our joint press release from this morning’s events!

Contact: Beth…

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Drowning in Pink: An Update

Drowning in Pink: An Update #talkpink #hcsm

kohl's komen metavivor

My recent piece, Drowning in Pink has been received with great interest and so I’d like to provide an update today on the situation.

First lets rewind to refresh our memories:

  1. 2/21/2014, METAvivor contacted Kohl’s regarding it’s very obvious adaptation of the METAvivor’s campaign, “Elephant in the Pink Room,” with request for the campaign to be stopped.
  2. 2/27/2014, conversation happened between…

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Kale, Mushroom, Feta and Mozzarella Breakfast Casserole by Kayln’s Kitchen

Kale, Mushroom, Feta and Mozzarella Breakfast Casserole by Kayln’s Kitchen #recipe #kale #breakfast

kale mushroom breakfast bake

Kale lovers, rejoice! I have tripped upon an easy, tummy pleasing breakfast casserole that could even stand in as dinner, in a pinch.

One of my most popular recipe postings is my adaptation for Overnight Nutella Baked French Toast, so when I came across this yummy recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchenthat could be made the night before, I had to give it a try.  Kalyn’s Kitchen is a food blog that creates…

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Drowning in Pink

Drowning in Pink. #TalkPink #HCSM

Kohl's steals METAvivor's breast cancer campaign

Something must be in the water. First, in January, there was the absurd cancer patient shaming that the awful Keller duo vomited on the public.  Now, we have Kohl’s and Susan G. Komen undermining the work of METAvivor, the only organization in the U.S. dedicated to awarding research for Stage IV breast cancer.

METAvivor was created during a time when there were ZERO patient advocacy  groups…

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Kale, Black Bean and Avocado Wraps

Kale, Black Bean and Avocado Wraps #HEALTHY #DINNER #recipe

Kale, Black Bean, Avocado Wrap

Just when you thought you were going to have to eat peanut butter and jelly (again) for dinner this week due to 1) exhaustion, 2) forgot to go grocery shopping, 3) your child won’t sleep, 4) somehow it is 8 PM again and you haven’t started making dinner, 5) all of the above, enter Cookie and Kate’s Black Bean and Avocado Wrap. 10 minutes and dinner is done.

These delicious wraps are a fresh take…

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